End of Journey: Driving Back to Beirut, A Mirage


Third Leg of Journey: Khensharah, St. Yohanna Convent

Our main destination the convent of saint John in Khensharah. We were visiting the first arabic press, unfortunately or fortunately it was not accessible so late in the after noon. We ended up drinking with father Charbel, the official wine maker of the eastern catholic church in Lebanon.

Second Leg of Journey: Mteyn, plant shopping

Second leg of journey: Mteyn, Grandfather’s Abandoned farm

The Journey Continues: Kfarselwan


First Leg of a Journey: Pumpkin Picking in Tarshish

Roadside vegetable stand in Tarshish, Lebanon

Ramona in charge

the matriarch sorting beans

rooster’s eye beans

tomato past being made.

pick it yourself pumpkin and what’s there.

Apple trees

double red apples

squashed by big foot

wild tomatoes?

out of my way

getting full…

got these 2

nicely packed car














Anatomy of a Word

Dissect a word

A million-thing

Spills out

Letters fly around

Sentiments up and down.

Dissect a word

And it might slice

Slice your soul

Slit your heart.

Dissect a word

A word of love

A word of hate

A word of lust

One to drive you away.

Simple letters

Put together

Can be mortal.

Do not dissect

That word

Just move on.