I Want My Money Back, You Lame Queen

The so-called British Empire that ruled and robbed the world few centuries ago,

is weak, hungry and powerless these days. To feed its desire for glory and money,

new tactics have been implemented. The Visa fees to enter that rathole called London. Pay a college tuition and apply for a student visa with a $500 price tag and be refused, apply again another $500 and get refused again, if you need to argue the refusal it will take up to 28 working days to be looked into. So the best thing you can do since the classes have started, is to apply a third time. Now we are at $1500 in visa applications. This is how the bees are feeding their queen. It seems that Robin Hood’s fairy tail was hoax, someone long ago decided to romanticize that story and played it backward. It has always been and will always be the rich taking from the common and humble people to indulge their desires. So Robin was the tax collector stealing from the poor to feed the rich and not the other way around.

Now as a Lebanese citizen, I should ask my government, which is a sitting duck entity to revue, that protocol between the 2 countries, a hopeless case with such a miserable governing body.

As an American citizen my daughter should be refunded after all she and all of America saved the Brits sorrow asses in the Falkland and other places, so those jolly lords can keep their dream of a lost empire alive.

As a native of Abbey a small village in Mount Lebanon, that hosted the British Ambassador house for a hundred year before it got sold, again to feed the hunger of

a morally bankrupt kingdom, I demand compensation for keeping them safe and for being a good host for such an ungrateful country.

As a grand daughter of a man that served in the British army in Palestine

She has the right to ask for her compensation and on her behalf I demand and on behalf of that man I demand compensation for betrayal. Handing over Palestine to the Zionist is going to cost dearly on the long run.

I want my money back you blood thirsty ungrateful country.Poster: Crass the Album

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