A Word, A story: Desert

My friend the pirate with no good rum to drink, wanted to know about my desert adventure.  A true story,  your free to believe. a pic will be posted soon.


A famous Arab poet (Abou-Tayyib Al Mutanabbi) on a heroic ego trip once wrote:

Alkhayloo wal-layloo wal-badaa taarifouni wal-sayfoo wal-rimhoo  wal-qortasoo wal-qalami

It translates:

Horses, nights and desert recognize me also swords, spears, papers and pens


Of horses I don’t know

Of nights I don’t scare

Of swords and spears I don’t care

Of papers and pens I have no use

Of deserts, let me tell you:

The story:

I’ve been trough the desert on a camel with no name

Hungry and lost with no mind frame

It’s good to be in the desert on a camel with no name

You’ll die and find no one to blame

If you go through a desert on a camel with no name

Nothing we’ll ever be the same

In that desert dragged by a camel with no name

It’s important to know the game

I endured through a desert with no name

Found food and gained fame

Deserts are new and never been lame

Rivers flow beneath sands in flame

So I let loose off that camel with no name

Dug a hole with no shame

Water running, fish swimming with no aim

I plunged caught one with no eyes, ate and happy I became

I’ve been through the desert on a camel with no name

Home I am and this camel knows me by name

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