The Art of Commenting

People sometimes comment just for sake of adding noise, it’s fine I do this sometimes. But and there is a But, I would not comment on something or give my opinion if I am not sure I understood the subject I am commenting on and did the back ground check on the writer of that “editorial” I am on the verge of committing my thoughts on. I do comment for fun and sarcasm and be childish, but that’s different.

Anyway I did get a comment from a very nice lady it was more like an objection, on the following editorial post:

Obviously V. did not understand the essence of what I was ranting about. I do not blame her for being not so prudent before she jumped the gun, she still young and learning. What I blame her for is not doing her homework and reading previous entries I posted regarding the Dalai Lama or shall I say ‘Dali Lama’ :). I think Salvatore will object, he’s more genuine than Tenzin and I yes I misspelled his name.

Coming back to V. you did not only do your research, you also did not read the notifications posted on my blog, I presume. When you read a notification, it makes you think before doing something. “Trespasser will be shot”, well this silly note makes you prudent.

Anyway, I am not going bore you more I will go directly to answering you Lovely you.

In what I write about Tenzin, it is a personal message to him. It is an awakening call fr  him. And him is not HHDL, he is not an alphabet soup, he is Tenzin Gyatso the acting dalai lama, nothing more nothing less. He has been entrusted with a very special philosophy, and he is been polluting it. Buddhism was never meant to be a religion and he is making it one. Where is the compassion of having the rich who can afford 175$ to come and listen to him. What about the ones who are struggling, suffering and can’t put up the money? Who gave them the right to profit and live off the words of Buddha? And so on…you got my drift. Now about the charity issue you mentioned; where did you learn that compassion is equal to charity? You are mistaken my dear V. and I think your unwisely spending your hard earned money on so called Buddhist learning sessions. Buddhism is not something you learn, it’s something imbedded in your being. And whenever it comes out it comes out.

I shall stop at this because, I would have loved to discuss with you, your blog title but I think you are not ready for it…

Love Peace

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