Suffering is the Truth

Whichever direction I look, I find people seeking the truth.

Texts after texts, pages after pages people asking about the truth.

Tell me The Truth

And I’ll suffer no more

Tell me a lie

And I’ll surrender

Hungry people

Seeking what’s no there

Thirsty people

Looking into mirages

I want to suffer

I want to end my suffering

Round and round

Chasing their own tail

And still asking:

Truth where are you?

The Truth to boost my ego

The Truth so I can tell it.

The Truth to feed my mind

The Truth to show off.

Where is it, That Truth?

Not finding it

They lament and make up one

Find The Truth and

Happy you shall live and die.

While all this time

Truth is laughing

At our state of mind.

I am hear, right here

I am your suffering.

Nothing else to me.

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