Namaste you Lazy Monks

You spend days after days playing with your sand

Making tapestries with intricate and bizarre details

With the sole purpose of astonishing those voyeurists

Who acclaim you for what they do not comprehend

Inflating your egos, the same ones you should shed

You spend days after days relying on the poor to feed you

And the rich to adore you while you play your silly game

Namaste you lazy monks, Namaste hoping you wake up

What will you do next to dazzle and hypnotize the crowd

Why don’t you count the grains of sands in your mandalas

And recite your knowledge of math besides your chanting

And then in one move destroy all to prove impermanency

A thing you should have learned long ago, few lifetimes ago

But alas you were too busy feeding your ego mediocrities

And making the sutras bestowed on you, jewels of hypocrisy

Namaste you lazy monks, good I am awake to whip you into shape.








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