The Mayan’s Prophecy

Amazing calendar those Mayans had, they have scheduled the end of Time to end with the end of date on their calendar. Dazzling is their mind, to be able to set a day

where all will come to stand still and would exist no more. Not only predicting but also confirming the future of things to come, this is the greatest Prophecy of all time.

They charted a calendar so big and reaching so far in the future and got complacent. Instead of doing the math they got tired and decided to make it a cyclical calendar. So every 400 years (K’atun) all is repeated and it was decided that by reaching the 13th K’atun all will end. The defeated king Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ will come back for the apocalypse calling himself “13 K’atun lord” the king who presided over and celebrated an important Mayan calendar ending, 13 K’atun calendar cycle.

Poor miserable Mayans, they got so bogged down in their deities and their rituals they forget to predict the End of their own civilization.

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