Emergency Toilet Papers – A word A Story: Master’s

This is a fun subject I face every time I am interviewing a job candidate. Mainly fresh graduate apply to the vacancies I have, which are in the food industry. And mostly the applicants are young women in their early twenties. This is a sample of an interview and it’s in a casual setting.


Q – why are you applying for this position?

A – I am looking for a managerial job.

Q – what are your experiences in such a field or related fields?

A – I have none I just graduated.

Q – what makes you think you can do the job?

A – I am a fast learner.

Q – You shall train as a waitress for six month and then we evaluate your performance.

A – Ah no, I didn’t go to college to be a waitress.

Q – And how do you expect to succeed without knowing the basics?

A – I am smart and quick learner.

Q – what do you know about food?

A – I try not eat.

Q – What’s your favorite dish?

A – Pasta, Pizza.

Q – What is terroir?

A – Euh?

Q – Do you want to work?

A – Yes but not as a waitress and not at night I have a life after all.


Q – If you don’t get the job what are your plans?

A – I will do my Master’s.

Q – Do you know what’s another diploma on a piece of paper is good for?

A – I will have a better opportunity.

Q – Do you know what a piece of paper is good for?

A – Yes I will be more confident.

Me – Yup, you will be confident to know that you have a back up toilet paper if you ever ran out.

Good luck.





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