A bird called Wa’ Wa’

the records of time

Absurd Storytelling

Two years passed and he stood on the left bank of that mighty river. Two years of search, of hope. Two years of longing. In every corner, behind every tree, he looked. Tried to find. Despair. On the other shore of that mighty river, going nowhere, stood the unknown.

Flightless, he was ready to cross his raging destiny. He looked back, tearless, in distress. Called for his mate.

Wa’ –Wa’ –Wa’ (continues in the background till the end)

Not even an echo. Only wolves howling. He knew the consequences of not finding. Of not mating.

Not far ago, calls filled the forest of the left bank. But it gradually grew silent. Since then he’s been looking.

And the thought of not finding drove him to where he stands now. Maybe his mate has crossed into that arid unknown.

Maybe he can survive those treacherous waters. But he knew…

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