The Only Truth You Need to Know

Today is the day; I am revealing the Truth about a not so secretive sect.

I grew up in a household of Mouwahideen commonly known as Druze.

The teachings are nothing more than letters written a thousand years ago.

Those messages were addressed from the Fatimid capital in Egypt to followers

in the fertile crescent area (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine). Those letters

are somewhat coded and open to interpretations, in one of them the essence of

the philosophy is present and it says :  do not look for God, God is present in you.

The other letters are more or less a tirade against all prophecies…

God is present in you? Does it mean we are Gods?

If that is true, the logic would be that the word God is a synonym to the word Man.

(man here means mankind).

Which leads us to the fact that God is just a three letters word. And subsequently it does not hold any meaning since we have another three letters word to replace it with; Man.

All this means that the notion of God as a creator is not valid and does not exist.

So all the Prophets that came across the ages are just a bunch of charlatans, who fed on the fear of Man’s mind.

Mouwahideen is an Arabic word meaning the people who united all in one.

I like to simplify my description of that Mouahideen philosophy as follow:

We only have three choices in life. In any situation we only have three choices.

To accept. To leave. To change.

As a Mouwahid (single for mouwahideen), I am walking behind god on the top of a wall.

– I accept to walk behind god; it means I did not understand the philosophy.

– I decide to leave, I jump off the wall; it means I am tormented and became lost in a spiritual search and end up a Hindu with a multitude of gods.

– I choose to change, I kick god off the wall and walk alone. This is the Mouahideen philosophy.

The choice to change lead us to a similar philosophy long lost; Buddhism.

Long lost because Buddhism is not Buddhism these days, it’s just another prophecy…and where is Tenzin to correct it?

Yes some will not accept those facts of life or this Truth. But before you vent your complaint remember you have not climbed the wall yet. Maybe after few lives, you will have those choices.

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