Sparkling Waters Wars

Jermuk, Armenia’s pride sparkling water.

Nestle the food giant Owner of San Pellegrino and Perrier needs a lesson in business etiquette.  One of the business rules we at bread republic follow:

You win some and you loose some. Hoarding and Greed are from the past Feudal era. But is seems that Nestle and company ( other global food giants) are establishing themselves as Feudal Lords of the present. The arrogance of those companies led us to a replacement search and we traded San Pellegrino for Jermuk. Jermuk is a genuine sparkling mineral waters from the republic of Armenia and better priced. So our customers got virtually a better water for a better price. And being an Avant guardist establishment a few other places are picking up on the trend, in fact the local supplier is planning a bigger shipment to accommodate his sudden surge in business, thanks to Nestle’s greed and bread republic’s hind sight. Knowing The behavior of those giants, they will fight back dirty and maybe buy out the competition.

An arabic Quote ” jeb el dib 3ala karmo” it literally means ( to bring the bear to his own vineyards ). Exactly what nestle did, it opened up the market for it’s competition. We do feel that it will get hotter and we expect to see lots of surprise visits and legal battles, we are building a huge “business enemy” following.

Hopefully we shall stick to our Slow Food Motto: Good, Clean and Fair.

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