Namaste my Buddhist brethren: I Am Back and I Pity You

It has been a while since I voiced the order of the day. Ha ha, it seems we have been drafted into the army. Our commander in chief is none other than Field Marshal Little Lama. By the way, who are those assholes that designated him as Lama? where was I at that time? Ah yes now I remember, I was at the door ( between Lives ). Well the damage is done, it’s a damage control situation. I think you have became too deeply entangled in this drama and there are no hopes to solve it. The best thing to be done is the following:

– From now on you will not be refereed to as Buddhist.

-You may keep your silly statues

-You can play little soldiers and die, will not give a shit.

-You can keep your twisted teachings.

-All Monastery shall be stripped of “TOYS’

-You may take your “TOYS’ on your way out.

-Yes, all of you Lama followers have to evacuate those buildings.

-Tibetans wishing to evolve are welcomed.

-Buddha’s teachings are not your private properties. And you are no messengers.

Last but not least, I do thank the sage and wise who kept the teachings alive through out the ages. But now it’s time to split that nonsense and absurd factual illusion Little Lama has created

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