Want a Good Laugh?…

Arabic culture is something. It’s full of paradox, enigmas and ijtihad. It’s intertwined with islam and other ideas. Ownership is for god, the idea of king is absurd: king in arabic is “malak” it is derived from the verb “to own”. So all kings and kingdoms are not valid according to Arabic culture. In this metamorphosed case (where a boy changes and becomes king), king Mo VI has a more ambiguous title. A title that will make of his majesty (eh) the sole ruler of all arabs and muslims. Since it’s agreed that “king” does not mean much. Mo VI holds something much more valuable in his blood line. Emir of faithfuls, which makes of him the absolute decision maker for a billion soul. Here now we are in presence of greatness…Look but don’t laugh, your neck is on the line and heads will role in true fashion.

my kingdom for a chair like that one and a baby one 2



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