The Wisdom of Z: Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust

Half- way up that 60-degree ascent, I almost slipped. No ropes no spikes on my soles, how shall I continues this chore. A half dried shrub on my left reached for it and held on. Saving me was nature on this most unnatural climb! How could it be that a plant grew on this incline? Or is it ink line? Was it there anticipating my decline? Or was it drawn by my need to survive? Few more meters and I will reach the top. The higher I go the darker it gets. Is it sunset looming? Looked around, there was no horizon, no sun no sunset. Was I being cornered by my fear of falling? Is it the reason for this darkness? Looked up, hoping to find the moon, a star anything familiar. What I found was a ceiling, bizarre! A stroll on a slope, a hard fought climb and now a ceiling? Shall I wake up? Out of what, my eyes are open my mind is rolling along. All is white. Did it snow lately?

The stroke above, how shall I mount it? I am not spider man and did not bring any suckers. Holding tight on that incline and with all my might and courage, I jumped upward. Butting that inverted plateau like a brave Toros do.

The ceiling broke, grabbed the broken edge and pulled myself over the top. Standing high at that newly formed peak, my heart settled.

I have accomplished my task and GOT OVER IT.

What now? Decisions, decisions to be made and to take. Why do I end up with so many choices? Shall I stay on top? I will have to stand up, all the time. I did break the flat space, didn’t I? Maybe I should jump? Where, it’s too high. Fly, Do you still carry those wings or you left them at the door again? Who spoke?

Did I really fulfill my mission? Looks like I am stuck on it not over it yet.

Now what?

                                                                                                                                     Illustrations by Annalena Di Giovanni


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