Part Three: The Wisdom of Z Versus This Twisted Mind of Mine.

How do I hate battling demons. I did my share and need to retire.

Dragon slaying is not part of my repertoire. But I keep finding them behind every corner, hidden in the deep crevasses of someone’s fears.

Waiting for the opportune moment to come alive.

GET OVER IT: is always shouted out by one miserable demon in defense of its master.

Shall I cut its throat or just play along?

Maybe a crucifix is in order?

Do demons rise out from a crucifixion?

What if it dies and gets resurrected?

A catastrophic situation is looming:

Demons becoming GODS, fuelling fears and feeding on anger.

Don’t we have enough of them?

An enraged watchdog protecting its existence defending its vessel.

A pitch is a pitch, foul or not I will swing my bat.

Stories within stories, my mind is ecstatic. It got a wake up call.

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