Episodes of Daily Life: The Tunnel

For obvious reasons, my doctor ordered a magnetic resonance image of my brain, amongst other laboratory tests. Usually, I end up not doing the tests at all. This time it was different, I had an MRI to do, it must be serious. So I struck a deal with my doc.: if he wants to pick and play with my brain pictures, I had to have the image charted the same day. No complacency this time around, I want it done now or never. My habits are a bit different in regular situation. In my daily habits, time is of no issue it does not exist almost. Procrastination is the name of the game; I bore my self to death before deciding on finishing things. But I do put an end to those things.

Anyway, the Doc. Had to call in person to get me a ticket for the tunnel crossing.

At the lab I had to wait to be squeezed in between law-abiding patients. Got to the infamous room and the last words were: do not move or it will take you an hour and do beware of the noise. Climbed into the cylinder not knowing and unwary of the outcome or what’s waiting, I chilled. Then it all started, magnetic resonance, they say. Mind music I would reply. Wow what a trip, I smiled all the way through it…

When I finished, I asked the operator if I can come to the fiesta when it’s idle.

Some people would go to music festivals, I will choose the MRI tunnel for a true and indulging sound effects. In fact the magnetic field created in my brain solved my writing drought’s problem. he he.

I feel inspired again, left is the wait for the results…I bet the magnetic thing cannot certify my lunacy.  Domage

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