A Manic Episode of a Tamed Mind

I am still here after all, simply put my mind drifted.

A lonely word opened Pandora’s box triggering a manic episode.

Mind went on a rampage, on an epic journey. Was it a wild affair?

Or was he repositioning thoughts, feelings and emotions?

Making a scenario, a plot and an end.  An illusionary movie of a delusional mind.

What a dangerous and creative combination: Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions.

An untraind mind playing this kind of game would have been disastrous.

Even trained, it will not escape injuries and scars. Though the outcome is beauty.

But can the mind stop at that? Or does it still have aces hidden?

Tame Your mind, learn how to stop it, those were the teachings.

If it ever rebel, go with it until the end, grab onto it before it goes mad.

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