Floating Mind

Here I am, nowhere. A desert of water, not even a dolphin.

Suddenly turbulence, the sea got bigger and it was still dark.

I should have gone to sailing school, too late for that.

I must have sailed before, remember! The mast broke.

Too late for that,to. Shall i jump into the rage,

or shall wait? The mast drifted away, the hull split in two.

Here I am everywhere, trying to reach anywhere.

A wave takes me, drops me another follows.

Shall I cry my fate? Shall i shout my mate?

At that moment of need, I remembered.

The voice was near and clear, it was my oldest friend speaking.

Telling me his teachings: Let go, become a log.

A log, i became. A log does not drawn, I floated.

My words are weeping you. Left is crying you , and all is lost

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