Floating Destiny

Not a sign, not a murmur. Seagulls agitated, the tide is high.

Still waters, cloudy horizon. Magnificent sunset, inviting waters.

Do they know what’s coming? celebrating a feast to happen?

Birds of prey dancing for the rain, for high waves and broken masts?

Is it fear fuelling my imagination? What do I fear exactly?

The deep waters in front of me or solitude behind me?

A cold breeze drifted by, night is settling in. shall I go into the dark?

What if I don’t find your light, how will I find you?

What if I loose my way and capsize on a island from Homer’ book?

Will I take refuge under that Trojan horse, or in the Cyclops cave?

I shall ride the tide, let your heart light the sky, burn Carthage if you have

I won’t become food for those flying worms, I shall find you, hold you.

Something is floating there! It’s dark. Where are you my mate?

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