who am i

well i am nobody, i just have been challenged and compelled into blogging. my background is kind of funny:

i am a semi retired architect slash designer, i still have one client

i am a classic car, used to be restorer

i am a baker, well that’s  what people think i am

i am a chef, not in the real sense

i am a master builder. yes i am

i am a father of 2 girls , well not that great of a father

i am a slow food president, maybe 2 slow for them

i am a bad companion, well i hope not. but can’t keep my women

i am a horrible writer, that what i think

i am a wanna be movie producer, oof actually i am

shit i forgot what else

oh yeah i do own 4 restaurants, a bakery and a couple of wine stores

and i still do own few classic cars

and i definitely will not stop designing

thank you people for liking my photos and comments

i will be throwing more at you, catch….

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