London What A Farce

Entering London I told my companion, you know what: Beirut crushes your memory of beautiful things.

I was back in a big city, London looked enchanting at first glance. After few days and short trip to Guimaraes

my view of London turned bleak. The lovely markets, the beautiful parks could not over come the ugliness of those stamped streets.

And i thought Beirut is an eye sore, how mistaken someone can be. The repetition of these food shops, cafes and bars got me bored

and wanted to drink. More wine please, i want to blur my vision. Always my eyes were the first to escape. Don’t you have fridges at home people?

Ah, you do! Fix yourself a sandwich before going to work, eat at the park. Or are you too drunk from a failed escapade the night before? you are still here in that

big circus called London. I should count my blessings for leaving town a week before the great Jubilee, what a Masquerade.

Anyway, i will be back one day and maybe things would have changed, until then i have some souvenirs for you.

P.S i only took few pics. i really got bored from that scenery.j’ete pret a vomir / by then i was ready to vomit.until by chance i stumbled on something hilarious

Old Mc Donald has an Orgasmic oops Organic farm now…. Hideous, Ha ha

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