Titles (the photos 1)

writers, i know of.

No Mass.

Is it 2012??

What am i doing?

Buddah said:
Loosing it Little Lama.

The Lust section; i am home.

Holy Cow 25 volumes in one book, I pass. not enough space in my sorry brain.

Molly, can do without.

Holly, no need.

Titles are plenty do i want faces 2!!!!

The Beginning and The End; the Truth revealed.

Saint Augustine confessing his lust for Omar Al Khayam while Wine binging with Shakespeare.

Don Quixote! Isn't him hanging on the wall at bread republic?

Was i present at Plato's symposium?

Showing today:
A Greek Tragedy/Drama : Marcus Aurelius's Kama Sutras.

Presenting all the way from the HILLS OF ADONIS, the acclaimed recital:
The Spiritual Biography of the Madman' Prophet. In New Contemporary Arab Tradition: The Famous Letters To The Son Of Man “Jesus”. Guaranteed to bring Seventeen Tears to your Eyes , or your money back.

The book God wrote.

Al Mustafa died. The prophet is back.

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