The One Eyed Woman

Nothing is known of her childhood, the only thing certain is a one eyed woman climbed the ladder.

Stories were told about her, persisting tales are still being retold about her feats, arrogance and defiance. Long time ago lived a one eyed girl in a so called village, coming from the northern plains her clan settled. Decades past and the clan became complacent, it almost lost its identity. The Ottomans controlled the lands, food was scarce, taxation was heavy and spirits were down. At that opportunistic moment in time when no one dared, a woman child rose up. Bewildered by her complexity, starving for recognition she challenged all. Man, woman and child suffered from her beast like hunger. She was ready for war; the clan’s fighting spirit was in bodied in her. Embraced or feared, men marched on her commands. What is known, a twenty year or so rampage took place.

Stories of heroism, stories of blood, cut throat stories were handed down from generation to other. Of a deviled one eyed woman heading an army of mercenaries pillaging towns, ambushing the mighty Ottoman army and setting tolls on safe passage. A one eyed woman robin hood, once lived amongst us, once crossed where no one dared.

Now, after two hundred year, if you listen closely you will hear the story of a one eyed woman being told in households of towns where she roamed free. Similar to stories told in other parts of the world. Have you heard the story “ Hanibal es a las puertas”, you should hear this one too “ Amche is at the doors”.

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