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Dear readers, dreamers and light seekers: Before pressing the follow button, take a minute and read the official notification bellow my lovely picture. Yes the fine prints on the right of your screen. I do not want you to be disappointed one of these days. Nothing and No-one is sacred to me.


Practicing being alone

Sadden by what is gone

une Cle Perdue: italian translation




Una chiave naufragata in fondo a un lago disperso

Una chiave arrugginita e un corpo nudo

Disperata di averla gettata sei tornata

E ti sei tuffata, e hai cercato, e non l’hai vista


I, What Am I

I am the cause

Of my own demise

I try hard to loose

I succeed

I am my worst


I do not try

I succeed

A Word, A Story: Scotland

A Scotsman’s dream

A single malt


United they shall

Stand, no more.

I will cast my voice,

Scotland, free.

A Scotsman’s dream

A single malt


What will be there

To rule.

The infidel shall

Dethrone you.

Your arrogance

Will end you.

End of Journey: Driving Back to Beirut, A Mirage

Third Leg of Journey: Khensharah, St. Yohanna Convent

Our main destination the convent of saint John in Khensharah. We were visiting the first arabic press, unfortunately or fortunately it was not accessible so late in the after noon. We ended up drinking with father Charbel, the official wine maker of the eastern catholic church in Lebanon.

Second Leg of Journey: Mteyn, plant shopping


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